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Ok, so there IS a theoretical way to create a negative inductor (which can violate the CoE). Consider a negatively charged disk rotating, it deflects a compass as the moving charges create a magnetic field due to the relative motion between the HV neg. electrostatically charged disk and the Compass. Ok, so what if we move the compass around the stationary disk? Relativity insists that relative motion is relative motion, so it should feel a field as the compass sees the disk moving relative to it. But the magnetic field is not seen by us in the stationary frame, if we change the direction of rotation of the compass around the disk the field the compass sees flips. If the compass was an electron, what would it see as it accelerates? It would not see the magnetic field from it’s own motion as it isn’t moving relative to itself, it would see a magnetic field from stationary disk, ad in would be speed up in it’s acceleration around the disk, it would see negative impedance. An electron in a wire seems the protons as moving and see the magnetic field from that growing, but if the wire was negatively charged and bifilar, it would see negative induction!
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