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bague bvlgari or fausse

USBdeView is useful and easy to use. Thanks to the author for writing an easy to read manual also. It is easy to script this program. A nice advanced use of this program is to add explorer contextual menus that call upon it to remove specific devices by name. I have done this to add a right-click menu to eject only my portable media player while leaving all other USB devices non-affected. Also I like the option to have it remove all USB devices with one command. This greatly simplifies some shutdown and USB dismount tasks where some versions of Windows might not do it correctly (iPod corruption issues, for example). The main display window can be very nicely configured to give very detailed yet understandable information about the devices and ports installed and whether or not they are in use or not. If you use USB multimedia gear (MIDI, cameras, etc), USBdeView can be handy for USB conflict-analysis purposes. Thanks again for making this decent portable program.
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