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    All That’s Left to Tell

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    Daniel Lowe
    291 pages
    ISBN: 1250085551 (9781250085559)
    Published: February 14, 2017 (Flatiron Books)

    Room meets The Crying Game: a haunting, luminous debut novel about a man and his relationship with his daughter, his captor, his past, and his future.

    All That’s Left to Tell is a debut novel about Marc Laurent, a mid-level executive taken hostage in Karachi. Aside from his guards, his only interaction is with a mysterious woman he knows as Josephine. In their first meetings, Josephine tells Marc that they’ve called his company, they’ve called his ex-wife, whom else can they call for ransom money? Marc says there is no one else. And then Josephine asks Marc a question that is even more frightening than his captivity—why didn’t he go home last month for his daughter’s funeral, after she was murdered?

    So begins a bizarre yet somewhat comforting ritual, in which every night Josephine visits Marc in his cell. She tells him stories, including stories about what would have happened had his daughter not been murdered. Marc, in turn, begins to tell his own stories, in which his daughter is alive. And soon it’s not clear which storyline is real, and which is imagined, and if it even matters. Throughout the course of these stories (and stories within stories), father and daughter start to find their way toward understanding one another once again.

    Atmospheric and exquisitely structured, Daniel Lowe’s searing debut is a tribute to the redemptive power of storytelling.

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